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Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute – RERI is the organization founded with the aim to achieve objectives related to promotion and improvement of rights to healthy and preserved environment, sustainable management of natural and renewable energy resources.

Established as a unique regional think tank, RERI uses law and legal tools to achieve the objectives and to promotes energy transition and the access to justice in the field of environmental protection, as a basic human right.

RERI unites lawyers, legal experts, engineers, architects-urbanists and other professionals and experts in the field of environmental protection, energy and urban development, as people who believe that the rule of law and transparent public government is a precondition for protection and preservation of environment.


RERI is committed to the following goals:

  • improvement of access to justice in the matter of environmental protection,
  • enforcing protection of environment and public goods by dispute resolution mechanisms in front of competent institutions and courts,
  • promotion of the right to good governance,
  • application of international and European environmental standards, and
  • compliance with human and civil rights.

In addition, RERI seeks to encourage public authorities to act in transparent and accountable manner and in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Apart from above listed goals, RERI contributes to:

  • decarbonization as a precondition for comprehensive social transformation, based on the low carbon dioxide emissions,
  • just transition,
  • responsible and sustainable use of renewable energy sources,
  • execution of local communities’ right to development and management of their original resources, through decentralization of energy management and strengthening their resilience to climate change.

In accordance with the applicable legal framework, RERI provides support and legal assistance to individuals and organizations whose right to healthy and preserved environment is jeopardized.

RERI develops cooperation and partnership with individuals and associations which advocate for the rule of law, environmental protection and sustainable management of local communities.


A society in which the rule of law is the foundation of all public policies; society which is responsible towards environmental and natural resources; where the protection and preservation of environment is recognized as a public interest and the right to access to information, participation in decision – making process and access to justice is accessible to everyone in accordance with the law and recognized international conventions and treaties.


In its work, RERI adheres the following principles:

  • Protection and preservation of environmental and natural resources,
  • Transparent and accountable acting of public authorities,
  • Access to justices and legal remedies as a basic human right,
  • The right to development and management of natural resources as an inalienable right of local communities,
  • Social responsibility and environmental protection as an obligation and principle of all stakeholders and members of the society.

RERI promotes the following values:

Expertise – we set the highest quality standards and we base our work on research and evidences, science and professional approach to each task,

Sustainability – we work, plan and set guidelines for the future and well-being of our organization, partner, community and finally – the Planet,

Care – our partners and final beneficiaries worth our full commitment and attention. We work proactively, innovatively and flexibly, thus continual the circle of associates, partners and friends of our organization.

Reliability – continuous improvement of the quality standards in personal approach to our activities, as well as cooperation with reliable partners, result with effective and reliable solutions for the cause of public interest.

Responsibility – we act responsibly in our day-to-day activities. By proactive approach, we strive to improve the results of our own activities and put them in the service of public interest.

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